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A Clean Kitchen Pays When Selling Your Home

Posted by Patrick on 5/14/2014



Obviously each circumstance is different but there are many cases where a fundamental remodel is not necessary and a good cleaning will do just fine. Our primary residence is where people typically feel most comfortable. Hence, it is often a place where there may not be the highest attention to detail. That may be fine when you are hanging out on a regular Saturday but when you are selling your house it is game time and things need to look their best!

metro market news kitchen 01

This is a photo of a kitchen in a house that I sold in Lake Oswego a while ago. You will notice that, while there are still items on the counters, everything is in its place and there is not a lot of clutter. Clean doesn’t necessarily mean desolate. Feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have about your kitchen!


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