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Discover Portland


Portland, Oregon is an incredible city.

Traditional and historical architecture, excellent cuisine, quaint cafés, breweries and the integrated rail system offer a unique European feel and provide plenty of Old World charm yet soaring contemporary buildings and condo towers, cutting edge technologies and a web-savvy culture remind residents and visitors alike that the city is very modern as well.

Portland is very clean. You know it when you arrive at the airport. There is very little trash around the city, the public areas or the major arterials and a tour around the metro community will confirm that Portlanders take pride in their city and that they are committed to preserving the environment.

Speaking of the environment…there are plenty of outdoor activities in the area. You can surf, water-ski, play a round of golf, hike and snow-ski all in the same day! The beautiful Oregon Coast is just over an hour to the west and Mt. Hood sits quite conspicuously and majestically about 60 miles to the east. Moreover, the Willamette and Columbia rivers connect just north of the city center, each of which offers boating, windsurfing, water-skiing and fishing opportunities. World-class windsurfing can be found along the Columbia River Gorge which divides Oregon and Washington and which is home to the famous Multnomah Falls.

Portland is divided into quadrants primarily by the Willamette river which runs north/south and Burnside Avenue which runs east/west. Hence, most of the properties in each quadrant have the appropriate directional attribute to their address. Also, the streets that are immediately north of, and parallel to, Burnside are arranged in alphabetical order (i.e. Burnside, Couch, Davis, Everrett, etc.). Hopefully that will help you during your property searches and/or when you are traveling through the city!