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Experts: Sputtering Economy = Rock Bottom Interest Rates

Posted by Patrick on 4/21/2014


Metro Market News Real Estate WatchLou Barnes recently wrote a piece for Inman News wherein he briefly analyzed economic data in addition to related remarks from Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen. The article is well written and perhaps more importantly, it is brief and to the point…something that many economic analysts seem unable to do since the topic lends itself to being complicated and vast in scope. 

According to Barnes, “this Fed is event-dependent, not following a calendar”. Hence, if current events remain in tact, then historically low rates will also likely remain. This dynamic presents an obvious blessing/curse scenario since most Americans would probably prefer to see the economy improve. When and if that happens, it appears that rates will begin to rise which, of course, is not ideal. 

One takeaway from this news is that potential real estate buyers and sellers would do well to act sooner rather than later. 

Our current market environment is great for both buyers and sellers

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